Half Saree

Half Saree is the south Indian version of lehenga saree where a short fabric is used with pleated skirt. This dress is worn by teenage girls mostly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. While the skirts may be in silk for party wear and cotton for home wear, the half saree may be in georgette or polyester respectively. With the advent of Salwars, Half Saree saw a slight set back, but the fashion is returning. Half Saree is an important part of Indian clothing that is very attractive and simple for those girls who find draping the saree tough.Half Saree is also used in mix and match basis where one piece of georgette is used for two suitable pleated skirts. Sometimes a plain saree is divided into two sarees in the families of the less privileged. Adoloscents who are already in the trouble of emerging as elders from the child stage are saved the routine trouble of draping a full saree through this Indian clothing. Half Saree are also popularized in a lot of Tamil movies.Half Saree might be plain, printed or embroidered. These Indian clothing might be in chiffon or georgette material for party wear. This ethnic Indian clothing which is around 2 meters is worn diagonally from the left shoulder and through the right hip to the left hip. An innovative range of these Half Sarees could be obtained by a discerning fashion person through online purchases where wide exposure is possible. This Indian clothing is a must have for your teen's ethnic wardrobe.
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